Published Plays

A few of my many published plays are featured on the following pages, listed, with links, in the column to the right.

Here’s a full list, all written as “Sandra Fenichel Asher”:  

THE BALLAD OF TWO WHO FLEW, Plays Magazine, l976, one-act

WITLING AND THE STONE PRINCESS, Plays Magazine, l979, one-act

THE GOLDEN COW OF CHELM, Plays Magazine, l980, one-act

A WOMAN CALLED TRUTH, Dramatic Publishing, l989, one-act; two-act version, 1993

LITTLE OLD LADIES IN TENNIS SHOES, Dramatic Publishng, l989, full-length

WORKOUT!, in CENTER STAGE, a Harper Collins anthology, l990, one-act

THE WISE MEN OF CHELM, Dramatic Publishing, l992, one-act

WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?, in a Scott Foresman text, l993, one-act

DANCING WITH STRANGERS, Dramatic Publishing, l994, a program of three one-acts

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, Dramatic Publishing, l994, full-length

ONCE, IN THE TIME OF TROLLS, Dramatic Publishing, l995, one-act

ACROSS THE PLAINS, Dramatic Publishing Co., l997 (commissioned by The Coterie, Kansas City)

EMMA, 1997, Dramatic Publishing Co., 1997, two-act (commissioned by Dramatic Publishing)

THE WOLF AND ITS SHADOWS, Anchorage Press, 1999 (commissioned by Omaha Theater Company)

I WILL SING LIFE:  Voices from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, 1999, Dramatic Publishing

LITTLE WOMEN: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, Dramatic Publishing, 2001 (commissioned by DreamWrights Youth Theatre, York, PA)

BLACKBIRDS AND DRAGONS, MERMAIDS AND MICE (5 plays) Dramatic Publishing, 2003

SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK, Dramatic Publishing, 2004

ROMEO AND JULIET — TOGETHER (AND ALIVE!) AT LAST, Dramatic Publishing, 2004 (commissioned by Laguna Playhouse and the University of Utah Theater Department)

IN THE GARDEN OF THE SELFISH GIANT, Dramatic Publishing, 2004

WE WILL REMEMBER: A Tribute to Veterans, Dramatic Publishing, 2005 (commissioned by Pine-Richland Middle School and Prime Stage, Pittsburgh, PA)

TODAY I AM!  Five Short Plays about Growing Up Jewish, Dramatic Publishing, 2006

EVERYTHING IS NOT ENOUGH, Dramatic Publishing, 2006

TOO MANY FROGS!, Dramatic Publishing, 2007

FAMILY MATTERS, Dramatic Publishing, 2008 (commissioned by Youth Theatre at the U, SLC, Utah)

TO LIFE!  Growing Up Jewish in America, Dramatic Pub., 2008 (commissioned by Omaha Theater Co.)

KEEPING MR. LINCOLN, Dramatic Pub., 2009 (commissioned by Lexington Children’s Theater)

JESSE AND GRACE: A BEST FRIENDS STORY, Dramatic Publishing, 2010 (commissioned by Pollyanna Theatre Company)

THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN, Dramatic Publishing, 2012

WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, Dramatic Publishing, 2013

ARK 5, Dramatic Publishing, 2013

HERE COMES GOSLING (interactive and traditional versions), Dramatic Publishing, 2015

“The Nurse’s Rebellion,” in AS SHE LIKES IT, Dramatic Publishing, 2018

WHAT A DAY!  YouthPLAYS, 2019 (See details at https://www.youthplays.com/play/what-a-day-by-sandra-fenichel-asher-509&ref=search.php%3Fquicksearchbox%3Dwhat%2Ba%2Bday)

THE WOLF AND ITS SHADOWS (radio play), Dramatic Publishing, 2020

CHICKEN STORY TME (interactive children’s play), Pollyanna Select Plays, https://www.pollytheatre.org/chickenstorytime

DEATH VALLEY: A LOVE STORY (full length) Dramatic Publishing, 2023

MARIPOSA/BUTTERFLY, co-written with Jose Casas, Dramatic Publishing. 2023

For a link to any of my Dramatic Publishing plays, its synopsis, ordering info, and sample pages visit https://www.dramaticpublishing.com/authors/profile/view/url/sandra-fenichel-asher

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