Plays in Progress

The following scripts are in various states of progress, and I’m looking for developmental opportunities for them — readings, workshops, and full productions.  For additional information, please see the individual page for each play listed, with its link, in the column to the right.  For questions about any of these scripts or a perusal copy, contact me directly at sandyasher@gmail.com.

For young audiences:

CHICKEN STORY TIME  A full-immersion play for the very young, inspired by my soon-to-be-published picture book and bringing together art, music, drama, dance, the four seasons, library story hour, children, and chickens.  Very early in its development, and looking for opportunities and world premiere.  Requires 2 actors, male or female, plus one or more additional helpers, plus puppets.

PRINCESS BEE AND THE ROYAL GOOD-NIGHT STORY, small-cast musical for very young audiences about a princess whose Mum goes to Goodness-Knows-Where for three whole days and three whole nights, leaving others to tell good-night stories that are simply not good enough – until Bee discovers the power of Mum’s stories within herself.  Preschool to 4th grade.  Music by Richard Biever, Singing Onstage, State College, PA.  Looking for developmental opportunities and world premiere.

STUFF: A CURIOUS COLLECTION, a one-act for family audiences with a flexible cast of 6 – 10+ actors, young and/or adult.  The mimed character of STUFF is stuff personified (by one or more actors), the bits and pieces of our lives that we use to create.  STUFF calls to us, teases us, tickles us, troubles and inspires us – and, in so doing, realizes its own potential. In this case, the “us” are five unwitting ONES who discover how shared stories, both real and ridiculous, rekindle creativity and build community.  Commissioned by Adventure Stage Chicago.  Seeking developmental opportunities and world premiere.

WIN-OR-LOSE STANLEY, a large cast play for young actors about a runt piglet and his devotion to his beloved melonball team, the Moore Farm Menagerie. Recently commissioned by The Open Eye Theater to be performed in July, 2015, and developed as a musical over the following year.  Looking for additional developmental opportunities, including second and third productions.

For adult audiences:

DEATH VALLEY:  A LOVE STORY, full-evening script for adult audiences featuring three actresses playing a variety of roles, both male and female, woven through a tale of love, loss, grief, and recovery inspired by the actual journals, photographs, and collages of two therapist/artists who faced a diagnosis of leukemia together.  Following staged readings at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA, the play will see its first full production at The Open Eye Theater, Margaretville, NY, in September, 2014.  Looking for additional productions.

DINNER IS NOT SERVED, 10-minute comedy for 1 m, 3 w, developed at a recent Lancaster (PA) 24-Hour Plays event, about a shy couple fumbling toward taking their relationship “to the next level.”

THE NURSE’S REBELLION, 10-minute play for 1 m, 3 w, exploring Shakespeare’s struggles with his characters as he creates “Romeo and Juliet.”


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