Win-or-Lose Stanley

This is a new commission from The Open Eye Theater of Margaretville, NY (http://www.theopeneyetheater.org). The play was presented as part of a children’s drama workshop in the Catskills in July, 2015.  It’s a youth theatre piece, designed to be performed by young actors for family audiences, although adult actors are certainly welcome!  For a perusal copy of the script-in-progress, please contact me at sandyasher@gmail.com.


STANLEY (m), a piglet, gentle, upbeat, and unstoppable

SALLY JO (f), another piglet, STANLEY’s friend, loyal and concerned

BARB (f), a young goat, another friend, a no-nonsense type

CASEY (m or f), a box turtle, another friend, big-hearted but timid

BILLY THE KID (m), a young goat, a strong leader, but way too full of himself

FLORA (f), a donkey, BILLY THE KID’S flunky

OTHERS (m or f), an ensemble of young farm animals of any fur or feather, enough for two melonball teams, referees, melon boys and girls, and fans, as desired. The exact number of team members, referees, melon boys and girls, and fans is left up to the director. FLORA can act as referee and melon girl if extras are not used. The following characters are suggestions only.  Their names and lines may be assigned as indicated in the script or divided among additional actors as desired.







TIME:  early summer to early fall, indicated by minimal set decoration

PLACE:  A field on the Moore Farm and Stanley’s pen.  The field takes up most of the downstage area; Stanley’s pen may be minimally indicated to one side downstage and a penalty box is located at the opposite side..

PLAYING TIME:  About 45 minutes

SUMMARY:  STANLEY loves the game of melonball, but BILLY THE KID never chooses the little piglet to play.  Undaunted, STANLEY puts his whole heart into being a devoted fan – and never fails to record team statistics on the charts in his pen.  The day comes when the Moore Farm melonball team is invited to compete in the prestigious Fruit Bowl, provided they can supply their team data, which they can’t do, because they’ve never kept records.  They don’t even know they have a resident statistician.  “A statis-what?”  Only STANLEY can explain!

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