As an author and playwright, I keep busy, but I’m hoping to share a bit of what I’ve been up to on these pages.

I write books, mainly for young readers, and plays, mainly for young audiences. Preschool through high school.  I also write for adults and travel to schools, conferences, workshops, and theaters to share ideas and experiences, teach creative writing and marketing techniques, and develop new scripts.  Here in Lancaster, PA, I delight in working with the Lancaster Public Library, the Lancaster Literary Guild, the Lancaster Day Care Center, and others to design and coordinate programs that encourage literacy and creativity. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do the work I love and meet so many bright, caring, talented folks along the way.

Please visit the individual pages listed in the sidebar to find out more about my books, plays, events, and presentations.

This website is and always will be a work in progress.  Comments, questions, and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

P.S. The Froggie headbands in the photo at the top of the page were created for a production of the stage adaptation of my picture book TOO MANY FROGS! at the Zoom Performing Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. At the appropriate moment in the story, children in the audience donned the headbands and became the “too many frogs” of the title.


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